Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A special forces unit sent, to infiltrate Pine Gap Australia's top secret underground military compound, come under attack from unknown forces

Ok, let me say this before I start, the last good Australian film I saw was Dead End Drive In.  That was about 25 years ago.  So needless to say I was interested to give Australian cinema another chance after years of crap.  Crawlspace, suffice to say peaked my interest in Australian Horror once again.
  Set inside an underground facility, a group of soldiers go in to investigate a security breach.  What they find is a facility that is doing experiments on people. 
  They set off into a giant maze of "Crawlspaces" looking for various escapees, and instead encounter at first a giant razorback type monster, random crazy's an evil scientist, because you have to have one of those in every good film, and a bizzar girl named Eve who has telekinesis.  Seem she was heavily experimented on and can now make people see things via her mind.
  The title fits as the film does take place mostly in a crawlspace.  Its done quite well.  It has the same claustrophobic feel that the original Alien film had.  Followed that up with good special effects, both practical, and CGI, and a very good cast and you have yourself a hell of an entertaining suspense filled ride.  I should note I did get a few jump scares. 
  Overall I would highly recommend checking this out.  In the world of remakes, this is a fresh, and new concept.

Overall 3 out of 4 Stars!

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