Friday, March 29, 2013

Avenging Force

Michael Dudikoff, who proves you don't have to know how to act to make a living in Hollywood teams up with his American Ninja buddy Steve James in this action packed low budget piece of cinema gold.

Dudikoff is Matt Hunter, a former Intelligence Officer taking care of his little sister.  he visits his buddy Larry, played by James, and finds out hes been getting death threats from a gang know as Pentangle.  Turns out there a right wing group that Larry encountered and stopped back when he was in the service.  They like to hunt down humans for sport.  Right there, that's all you need.  Hunting people always means good.

They kidnap Dudikoffs sistser and all hell breaks lose.  Unfortunately there are no ninjas in this film, but its still a great action packed 90 minutes.  Worth watching.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars!


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  2. A better-than-average action-adventure and buddies flick with Michael Dudikoff and Steve James since American Ninja. The acting is admittedly dry, but the action is top-notch, with plenty of opportunity to cheer for the hero.

    rowena of Candles