Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kickboxer II: The Road Back


Plot Synopsis: This movie is suppose to be a sequel to the movie which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme. Only now the movie revolves around the brother of the character that Van Damme played. David Sloan is the brother Van Damme's Kurt Sloan. He runs a Karate gym. Now Mr. Sangha, the Thai government official who handles Tong Po, the brutal kickboxer whom Van Damme in the previous movie, wishes that Tong Po would have another shot at Kurt Sloan, so he could vindicate himself but Tong Po in a fit of rage shot and killed him thus depriving him of an opportunity to face him again. But when they hear of David, they decide that he will be the one whom Tong Po will face to regain his honor. But when David is injured, Xian David's teacher is brought over to help him with his recovery. And when he recovers, they set David up to fight Tong Po; who will survive?  

 Well, it's not the road back for Van Damme, as Sasha Mitchell stars in Kickboxer 2, yes Cody from Step By Step.  But dont' worry he's actually a very accomplished martial artist in real life.  Mitchel stars ad David Sloan, brother to Kurt and Eric from the first film.  He runs a gym in the hood somewhere, and teaches lessons to inner city youths.  Well his gym is going no where when suddenly a promoter shows up saying he's creating a new kickboxing league called the UKA.  Guess what, hes a promoter, so he's also a bad guy.  David doesn't want to sell out to the man, but he needs cash to pay the bills so he has a match again their champion, played by quintessential 90's bad guy Mattheus Huges.  He beats the crap out him, then when interviewed says the UKA is crocked, and riddled with drugs, and they have no talent.  So being the promoter is dirty he send Hues and a few other goons to beat the crap out of David, and set his gym on fire, which in the process kills a street kid who was staying with him.
  So, with our hero laied up in the hospital, who do they call?  A personal trainer? The cops?  A licensed physical therapist?  No they get Xian the guy who trained Van Damme in the first film.  He helps David recover by having him do push ups, swimming, and throwing him off a building with a rope tied to his leg. 
  Meanwhile, Davids prize student has been lured to the UKA, where we find out the money guy behind the crooked empire is Tong Po's manager!  Turns out Tong Po shot Kurt and Eric Sloan in Thailand, and because of this he was never given a rematch.  Can you see where this is going yet?
  So after David recovers he goes to the fights to watch his ex student fight....you guessed it Tong Po.  Po beats the crap out of the kid, and kills him.   Why wasn't Po arrested? He keeps killing people in the ring. Its then we learn the Xian daughter was also killed by Tong Po, and he came to the states knowing this whole plan, as a way to get revenge.  Sidebar, I would have killed the old man then and there!
  You know not once in the first film did Van Damme mention he had a brother.  Come to think of it, why didn't David fly over to Thailand when his brother got crippled?  And why did Kurt, and Eric stay in Thailand if they owned a gym back home? And if Po killed both Sloans, and Xian's daughter, why didnt he kill Xian?  I'm mean thats the guy who trained Van Damme, thus causing all his problems to begin with.
  Ohh well. SO David agrees to fight Po in a Tiape Death fight, ala Kickboxer 1.  And as you can guess, Po beat the crap out of David, until he leans down and says "your the weakest of all the Sloans"  Why do bad guys always run there mouths in films?  It never ends well for them.  So David Hulks up and beats the shit out of Po.
  Xian decides to move to LA and I guess live with David in his burned up gym, broke and in the hood!
I like this film.  Sasha Mitchell is a much better actor then Van Damme, and his Kickboxing is much more realistic.  And to prove how bad ass this film is, it opened again the Tim Burton Batman movie.  Kickboxer 2 is far Superior to Tim Burton's Batman.  I recommend this film.  Its out on DVD.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars!

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