Thursday, September 15, 2011

I won an award! You Like Me You Really Like Me!!!!!

Good evening, hope you are digging Lamas Week!  I won an award.  My number one reader Kev D who has the fantastic ZombieHall blog passed this award on to me.  There are 5 thing I have to do.

1.) Accept Award:  I accept, thank you it really means allot, as it shows someone else likes reading my ramblings.
2.) Link person you received it from.
3.) List 3 interesting things about yourself.  I dig Mexican wrestling, and yes that's me under the mask.  I was kicked out of creative writing class in high school.  I am an animal lover and cried like a baby for over 10min after watching Marley and Me, but laughed while watching August Underground
4.)  Pass award to 5 other blogs you dig

5.) Notify them.  I'll do thwt in the morning. :)

Thanks again.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the award, but unfortunately I can't play this, I don't have 5 blogs that I like lol.