Monday, September 12, 2011

Final Round

Plot Synopsis:  After a recruiter sees him winning a bar fight, Tyler Verdiccio is kidnapped and thrown into an abandoned arena and forced to fight for his life!

Ok, lets start Lamas Week off strong with one of my favorites.  Final Round.  This is a cross between Running Man, and Most Dangerous Game.  More so Most Dangerous Game, as Running Man was basically a rip off of that.  Lorenzo stars as Tyler Verdiccio, a name the would make Sylvester Stallone proud, who as the film starts out is kickboxing some guy in a gym.  Not sure why, obviously he does this on his lunch break as he cleans up and goes back to his job of fixing motorcycles.  As hes working on his bike Kathleen Kinmont, his wife at the time pulls up, says something stupid about her bike not running then tells him to meet her at a bar later that night.  See Kinmont was in everything he did when they were married.  4 of his films, and his TV show renegade.  She was the 80's version of Sherri Moon to his Rob Zombie.  Kinmont however didn't look like a 60 year old crack whore. 
  So he goes to the bar beats down some guys hitting on her, takes her back to his house and after banging her gets knocked out and kidnapped by some thugs.  See she was video taping him beat up those guys, and now he is being forced to fight for his life in a game like Running Man where hunters armed with weapons chase him down.  Turns out Kinmont is a real moron, as shes kidnapped too and forced into the game, so is some black dude.  Yes we all know the black dude is just there to die. 
  This game is being ran by a mobster of some sort, who has angered another mobster.  So obviously the guy starts betting on Lamas to win, and boy does he ever.  He beats the crap out of everyone who crosses his path, be it man or woman.  No one can stop Lamas! He uses spin kicks faster the Van Dam, punches harder then Chuck Norris, and his pony tail is better then Steven Segal's.
  It's never really know why the mobster wanted Lamas.  I guess Kinmont just saw him once, and was too lazy to check out other potential victims.  She just picked him.  Then got double crossed for reasons never explained.  Actually nothing was really explained, but hey it's the old hunt the guy down for sport film, so no explanation needed.  I guess she saw his ponytail and assumed he was a bad ass.
  Sure there have been other films like this, Surviving the Game had a great cast.  Hard Target had the best action sequences.  The Pest was definitely the funniest hunt the guy for sport film.  But this is the best.  Low budget to the extreme.  I compare it to Running Man because I think the producers had about $1.98 to spend on sets, so they bought the boxes the Running Man sets came in and used them.  That would explain the horrible lighting.  But it doesn't matter its a ton of fun.
  Unfortunately this film does not have a DVD release, but it did have a VHS, and still shows on Cinemax once and a while.  Highly Recommended.

Overall 4 out of 5 Stars!

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