Friday, September 30, 2011

Marked For Death!

Plot Synopsis: Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher has just returned from Colombia, where his partner was killed in the line of duty by a drug dealer who has since been taken down. As a result of his partner's death, John has decided to retire, but his retirement may not be permanent.  

 Ok, I'll admit it before I go any further, I like Steven Segal.  I prefer his older stuff, but I even like his new stuff.  So he got fat, he got old to.  He can still beat your ass, provided he can catch you.  Marked for Death is his 3rd film, and it's my personally favorite.  He's thin in it, so no long trench coat and yellow sunglasses. 
  Segal stars as John, a DEA agent who after the worlds most botched attempt at a drug by, yes Segal botched this one.  See his partner (Hey you gotta have a partner to get killed) lets a guy who made them escape, Segal has to do his patented school girl run and kick the guy through a fence, then tie him up and throw him in his car.  Problem is this guy ran through town, so in all honesty everyone probably saw them anyway.  But they still go, get found out, and after a short gun fight Segals partner is killed, and Segal decides to retire, and go and visit his family.  Side note, these things never end well for the respected family.  These guys need to retired to an island where their loved ones will stop being hurt or murdered.
  So Segal decides to look up his buddy, who is now a high school football coach.  They go out for a few drinks, when suddenly The Jamaican Voodoo Posse show up and gun down a local crime lord in the bar.  Segal grabs one of the Jamaicans, and has him arrested.  Turns out the Posse are the local crack dealers in town,and the coach wants to bring them down, but Segal want to stay retired, until he goes home and the Jamaicans riddle his house in a drive by, hitting his niece.  The shit is on!
  Segal and his buddy decide enough is enough and go after the gang.  They roll up on the Jamaicans, who are smoking weed in a BMW, and pull a gun on them trying to get information on where there leader Screwface is.  The Jamaicans fire back and speed down the street.  Segal gives chase in a 1984 Bronco.  Luckily this is Segal so he keeps right up with the BMW, even cutting them off, and forcing them to crash into a jewelry store where he uses his Akido skill to beat down all 5 guys.  For some reason he is not arrested.  Neither is his buddy, who is running around doing nothing with a sawed off shotgun.  Yup, no cops show up at all.  They must know better then to mess with Segal.  So the DEA sends there top Jamaican agent to help Segal go to Jamaica and take out Screwface, who everyone believes has magical voodoo powers.
  He powers are no mach for the Akido, and lighting fast running of Segal who breaks into Screwface's compound, kills the guards, then kills Screwface.
  He goes back home to tell the gang its all over, when suddenly Screwface appears.  Turns out he has a twin brother who grabs a sword and attacks Segal.  Unfortunately for him Segal is a master of the sword, and stabs him in the crotch, and knocks him down an elevator shaft impaling him.  The Jamaicans back off, as Segal carrys his Jamaican DEA agent friend out of the building.  He was killed.  Come on action film, black friend, hes gotta die.
  This is Segals best work.  The plot is simple to follow, but very cool.  The voodoo aspect of the gang is cool, and they actually hired real Jamaicans to play the parts.  The action scenes are amazing.  Say what you want about Segal, but he is a legitimate Akido Master, and it shows in this film.  I had the privilege of seeing this opening night in a packed movie theatre with a wild action crowd and loved every minute of it.  Check it out, I watch it several times a year.  Like I said earlier, I still watch Segal's films, and like them, but the new stuff doesnt hold a candel to his early work.  Check this out!

Overall 4 out of 5 Stars!

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