Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kickboxer 4

Plot Synopsis: David Sloan must travel to Mexico to save his wife from a savage international terrorist.

 Sasha Mitchell as David Sloan returns in Kickboxer 4.  See things are different now.  Xian is gone.  They don't say where, but I assume David fired his ass after the whole slavery thing in part 3.  David married a beautiful woman named Vicki, opened a school together, and even helped the feds try to bring down Tong Po, who is now a Mexican drug cartel leader.  The latter did not end well.  To framed him for killing an undercover agent so David is sitting in jail, and as he's in jail and cant do anything, Po kidnaps his wife, ad takes her to his compound out in the desert and keeps her locked up.  He doesn't kill her, or rape her, or torture her, he just keeps her locked up.  Plus he send David pictures of her.  Why David just didn't show these to the feds, or even cops is beyond me.  But David has his own problems in prison, as Po has men there.  Well there not really a problem.  David beats them down pretty handily.
  Then on a fateful day a DEA agent tells David that every year Tong Po holds a fight to the death tournament at his compound on the Day Of The Dead.  And asks David to go undercover, enter the tournament, and take down Po.  I'm not sure why the DEA doest just raid the place, but I guess this makes for a better plot.  SO David agrees to go and fight to the death.  They tell him. not to let Po recognize him.  he responds "Threes been a lot of hard years between me and Po."  which leads to my only complaint with the film.  He looks the same.  His hair, his face everything.  He was to lazy to eve grow a beard and go undercover.  He just puts on a pair of sunglasses. That's it, sunglasses.  He looks the same! 
  So he goes to a tryout fight and beats down some bikers and gets offered a spot in the tournament.  He stops off at a bar on the way there, can you see where this is going?  Well theres some homely looking dyke girl there who gets in a fight so David beats the crap out of the entire bar.  He pops down to Tong Po's compound and has to fight the ugly Dyke girl he saved at the bar.  He puts her in the sleeper, and gains access to the tournament.  Keep in mind he takes his sunglasses off for these fights, and still no one recognizes him.  Dont you think Po would have given pictures of Sloan to all his guards and had them memorise it, as he has his wife locked up.  No he doesn't, in fact he doesn't even watch the qualifying matches. 
  So the next day all the fighters are having breakfast together with Tong Po, but don't worry, he doesn't recognize David, he's wearing his sunglasses.  They bring the Dyke girl back and a brawl ensues, when, as she is being beaten up a young fighter comes to her rescue.  This guy recognizes David right away, as David was his instructor a few years ago.  He obviously has seen David with sunglasses.  So the tournament begins, and let me say it is fantastic.  It features over 15 different styles of martial arts, all choreographed to perfection.  Then, the last fight is of course David, who will have to take off his sunglasses.  How does he keep his cover you ask.  Simple.  Tong Po is conveniently looking the other way during the fight.  Hes watching Davids former student hit on one of his chamber maids.  When David wins he puts his sunglasses back on just in time as Po turns around.
  The next day all the fights become fights to the death.  While this is going on Davids former student is having sex with Po's chamber maid, and David is trying to find his wife.  They are both captured, and tortured.  Turns out Davids former student is really an undercover DEA agent.  He must be the top undercover agent, as he;s not wearing sunglasses.  SO they throw David, and the agent out to the other fighters, and Po tells them to fight.  Don't worry David beats them all down, and when everyone finally realizes that there will be no winner they all turn on Po's guards.  David does chase Po down and just destroys him.  Po doesn't even get in one punch.  He just runs away.  Which is ok, because the DEA never comes and raids the compound.  SO I guess he just ran to a car drove into town and laid low for a few days.  David gets his wife and the credits roll.
  First complaint, the whole sunglasses are my disguise thing.  That's just ludicrously awful to me.  2nd is that this is the the real Tong Po.  Its some other actor with a horrible prosthetic on his face.  He looks nothing like Po, and hes also about a foot smaller.  Other then that I have to say I love this film!  It is my favorite of the series.  I have seen it over 30 times easy.  I can watch it over and over.  The fight scenes are 2nd to none.  They are absolutely fantastic.  Any one who like martial arts films will not be disappointed.  Highly Recommended, as this is the best film in the series!

Overall 5 out of 5 Stars!

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  1. If this movie had been made twenty years earlier and starred someone like Norris, it would be a cult classic.

    I've GOT to check it out.