Saturday, September 17, 2011

Final Impact

Plot Synopsis: Nick, former world champion in kick boxing, discovers Danny, who just became light heavy-weight champion of Ohio. Danny is very ambitious to become world champion, so Nick offers to train him. After a tense training they set out to the the kick-boxing world championships in Las Vegas, where Danny will meet the brutal champion Joe, who once dethroned Nick.  

First off I must apologize for this review being much shorter then my other Lamas Week features.  But in my defense its very had to write about a film that is a giant training montage.
  Lorenzo stars as former World Kickboxing Champion Nick Taylor.  Seeing as how he is a former champ, he now own's a nightclub that features sexy cocktail waitresses, and kickboxing matches.  One night A scrawny kid named Danny shows up saying hes the world kickboxing champion of Ohio and ask Lorenzo to help train him.  Lorenzo says no, so the kid climbs in the ring at the club and beat's up the other kick boxer.  We then see this tough kid at his motel going to get ice when 3 guys start beating him up for no reason.  I guess the people in this town are tougher then in Ohio.  But don't worry Lorenzo shows up in a cowboy hat and uses the dreaded Cobra Clutch, obviously taught to him by Sgt Slaughter to take the guys out.  He has the kid come back so he can train him.  We then get a long training montage.  When its over we learn that when Lorenzo lost his title his now ex wife ran off with the guy that beat him, and now he's going to train this kid to win the title for revenge.  And then we start yet another montage.
  So Lorenzo takes the kid to a couple of bars that hold kickboxing matches and gets him a few tune up fights.  Then we get a quick traveling montage as Lorenzo, Danny, and Lorenzo's new wife, played by, you guessed it Kathleen Kinmont go to Vegas to enter the tournament.  See apparently you don't have matches, and work your way up the ladder, or belong to an organization, you just enter a tournament, and if you win you get to fight the champ.  So after a fight montage Lorenzo challenges the champ to a revenge fight behind a billboard.
  Lorenzo basically beat's the crap out of the guy until he gets hit by a two by four, and then he is basically beaten half to death.  So Danny, and Kathleen Kinmont go to the hospital to see him, and he dies, but not before he tells Danny to win the title.
  Cue the underdog sports music, and Danny, who might I add is by no means in the champs weight class beats him for the title, and hugs and kisses Kathleen Kinmont as the credits roll. Thus proving she really is a whore.
  If you like Kickboxing, as I do its a good watch, as the training montages are very well put together.  If your not a kickboxing fan just watch Rocky, which in all fairness is a better film.  This would have ben better if OJ Simpson would have been the champ and he started killing.....sorry, that's left over from yesterdays review.  Not really recommended, but this does have a DVD release.

Overall 2 out of 5 Stars.

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