Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kickboxer III: The Art of War

Plot Synopsis: David Sloan travels to Rio for a kick-box exhibition. There he saves two youngsters and stops a white slaver. 

 Today were looking at Kickboxer 3, witch also stars Sasha Mitchell as David Sloan.  This film is slightly different from the other films, as it has more plot development.  Now don't let that scare you.  The plot is thin.  Just like it should be.  And I must say Sasha Mitchell in my opinion is much better on screen then Van Damme.
  So David Sloan is now the Kickboxing World Champion.  I guess beating down Tong Po made him want to get back in the ring.  Xian is now his trainer, and manager, and they are off to Rio for an exhibition, because David says "We need money"  Ok, Xian is sure a shit manager, as how much could you make for an exhibition?  Why not have a world title fight?  And who keeps managing this guys money?  He should have gotten a nice insurance check from his burnt down gym.  And what happened to his gym, and the inner city hood he helped?  And win did he become world Champion?  Guess your not supposed to think of that.
  So when David gets there some homeless kid, and his sister try to steal his camera.  He chases the kid down, beating a guy up along the way and decides to help the kids out.  He and Xian buy them lunch, and take them to the matches.  So David puts on a little show, and meets his opponent for next week.  Some crazy looking guy who fights dirty.  Sorry but he's no Tong Po. 
  We then meet this guys manager, and guess what, he's a bad guy.  All promoters in these films are bad guys.  This guy is at least a serious bad dude, and he kidnaps homeless girls, and sells them into slavery.  Guess where this is going yet?  But before the obvious can happen he makes David an offer for him to throw the fight.  David says no, and its on!
  so the guy of course kidnaps the kids sister to sell her, but he just does this for money.  Which made little to no sense.  Shouldn't he have said, "You throw the fight, and I'll let the girl go!"  no this guy has a better plan.
  David and Xian do something smart and go to the cops this time, they cops just blow them off so David and Xian go after the girl themselves.  They get caught in the bad guys house, and his master plan is revealed.  See he wants David to lose so badly he has his goons beat him up.  No that didn't happen.  He threatens Xian and the girls lives if he doesn't lose.  No that doesn't happen either.  Instead his master plan is to take him to an island and have him train real hard so he's tired for the fight.  Yes I'm serious. 
  He makes David run up a cliff with rocks in his backpack, dig a hole, and swim.  He must not know that Xian trains people much worse.  To the bad guys credit David is exhausted when they drop him off back and the hotel.  But don't worry Xian gives David a mud massage, and has him drink some cobra venom.
  So the next day at the fight David destroys the bad guys fighter, and as he had bet all his money on him, he's no worthless.  David grabs the girl back, and just leaves with her.  He takes her to the doctor where they find out she has been "examined" if you will.  SO David, Xian and the girls brother go to get revenge.  The little boy gets the revenge when he stabs the bad guy.  So David and Xian take there winnings and invest it in a fund for the kids, and have them sent to an orphanage.  Guess they didn't like them enough to bring them back to America.
  Overall this was a good film, and kind of a nice change, as it focused on more then just the usual fight to the death plot.  Sasha Mitchell does a great job, and once again I have to say his Mui Thai skills are very convincing.  I recommend this for not only fans of the series, but action fans as well.  Available on DVD

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars

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