Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad Blood!

Plot Synopsis: A trucker has to come home to help fight mobsters after his brother who embezzled $5,000,000 from them.  

 Lorenzo Lamas week keeps rolling along with Bad Blood.  A very above average action film, that features Joe Son as the bad guy, I mention this because he really is a bad guy.  He got sentenced to life for a torture gang rape rape a few days ago.  See in this one Lorenzo plays a scrap metal truck driver guy who coaches pee wee softball.  We know this because he's coaching a game when some hoods start hassling his sister in law.  He grabs a bad and beats the crap out of all of them.  Then gets in his truck and goes to a strip club where his girlfriend works.  He picks her up and they go back to his double wide trailer for a night of sex.  Oh I forgot to mention his sister in law needs help!  Se Lorenzo's brother just got done embezzling 5 million from the mob, and there out to kill him.
  So Lorenzo goes in his scrap metal truck to see his brother, and father, and its there we learn Lorenzo used to be a highly decorated cop, but his brother committed a crime, and knowing he wouldn't be able to survive in prison Lorenzo took the fall for him.  This brings up a few point that were not covered.  If Lorenzo's brother stole 5 million, and looked like he was already wealthy to begin with shouldn't he have cut him in on some of the profits?  I mean this dude is living in a manshon, while the guy who went to the clink for him is in a double wide trailer.  Also why would you help a dude like this.  If it was my brother I would have killed him when I got out of jail!  But that wouldn't make for a good film.
  So Lorenzo has a plan.  His plan is to give the money back.  That's is, just give it back, no questions asked.  Forget the fact his brother knows there entire operation of criminal gain, I guess he figures they just say thanks, sorry we have ben trying to kill you and just walk away.  Too get the cash back Lorenzo has to go to his brothers partners house.  But theres a catch, this guy has hired a big bodyguard to protect him.  Doesn't matter, Lorenzo beats him down, and gets the cash, which might I say was perfectly tucked into a leather satchel.  Yes, he had 5 million in a satchel.  He didn't launder it, or spend it, or even put it in a safe.  It was just in a satchel.
  Meanwhile Lorenzo's stripper woman, sees Lorenzo's sister in laws phone number, and notices that he's been gone for a few days.  She doesn't know the woman is his sister in law, so she decides to tell the mob guys where to find them.  They find his dad, who Lorenzo has decided to hid with an old hippy friend of his.  Of course you know they kill his dad, leading for the revenge battle scene.
  Lots and lots of car chases, and fight scenes happen.  Did you know Lorenzo can do double black flips in the air like a Power Ranger?  He can, well he can in this film.  It all leads to a cool climax in an old metal yard, that Lorenzo has rigged with all kinds of traps.  He and Joe Son have a cool final battle, and everything ends happy.  Well, except for the fact his dad is dead, and he has to go back to his double wide trailer, and his scrap metal job.  And don't you think his boss would want to know why he isn't at work, or where the company truck is?  Oh well.  This made the round heavy on HBO in the mid 90's and still does not have a DVD release.  But it can be purchased on VHS from Amazon.  Next to Final Round its my favorite Lamas film.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Overall 4 out of 5 Stars!

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