Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Package

A courier for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.

Stone Cold Steve Austin returns for another action packed film.  He plays Danny, a bouncer/muscles for a crime boss.  He works for this guy because his brother, who is in jail owes the guy a lot of money.  Austin gets an offer to deliver a package to Judge Smails, I mean the German played by the rapidly ageing Dolph Lundgren.  See if he delivers the package to the German, his brothers debt will be erased.  With that said you know its not good.

Once in route Austin is attacked by a hit squad who want the package.  The German, who is a bad dude as well wants it, as it technically is his.  Luckily for Austin he was a special forces guy, or something like that.  He used to be in a crew with the German, before he was double crossed.  And as he is a trained killer he has no problems, shooting, stabbing, fighting, and blowing the bad guys up.

Austin once again delivers the goods.  The film is action packed, has a nice 90min run time and flys right by.  Austin knows what he is good at, and he displays that skill well in this film, which I do recommend.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars

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