Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years on, The Dark Knight, Gordon and newcomer John Blake are pushed to their breaking points whilst desperately trying to handle Gotham's biggest ever threat: a legendary masked terrorist mastermind known only as Bane

  Ok, I figured it was high time I gave my two cents on this film, and as an avid comic book reader, with Batman being my favorite character I feel I am more than qualified to write this review.  Dark Knight Rises takes place about 8 years after Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent.  Because Dent is now regarded as a hero crime has all but vanished in Gotham.  And as hes a wanted man Batman has vanished as well.  Bruce Wayne has become a Howard Hugh's type recluse, who sunk all his money into a thermo fusion device.

Turns out there is a evil corporate raider out there who wants Wayne's company.  To help take it over he enlists a cat burglar names Selina Kyle, and a terrorist named Bane.Turns out Ban know Bruce is Batman.  Also turns out Bruce has gotten the itch to become Batman again, and comes out of retirement.  He of course fights Bane, and gets not only his ass kicked but his back broke.  Then for his troubles he gets thrown into a prison cell.

While Batman is broken Bane takes over Gotham but blowing up a football stadium, and letting everyone know he has the thermal device which is also a thermal bomb.  He says if anyone trys to leave he will destroy the whole city.  He frees all the prisoners from jail, and locks all the rich people up.

Do I need to tell you Batman comes back to save the day?  No I don't.  He gets help from Selina Kyle, who we all know as Catwoman, although she is never called that in the film.  Also there is a patrol man named Blake who assists as well.  So is this a good film?  Yes and No.

See its a good film, effective, and nicely tied into the other films thus completing a trilogy.  Bane was never much of a villain to me, but he was effective in this.  But I have a hard time rating this as I have to look at it from the comic book fan in me.

See, basically this story is a combination of The Dark Knight Returns, No Mans Land, and the entire Knightfall saga.  So to take these 3 giant storyline, combine them, add to them the mythology that you have created in previous films and shrink it to a 2 hour plus film is amazing and should get you a 5 star rating.

However I have no proof Nolan did this.  So on the other hand I could say this was a bunch of jumbled up shit crammed into the last film of a series to try and close everything out in a manner that makes no sense, yet offers no surprises, thus earning it a 1 star review.

So I will have to give this a somewhere in the middle review.  Its not a bad film, but by o means a great one.  I liked it, but in the same sense had problems with it.

Overall 2.5 out of 5 Stars!

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