Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drive Angry

Plot Description:  A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter

  Director Patric Lussier from My Bloody Valentine 3D Returns with yet another 3D 70's style exploitation film starring Oscar winner Nicholas Cage, the beautiful Amber Heard.  If you've seen the trailer, the entire plot is basically described in 1 sentence.  Nicholas Cage breaks out of hell to save his granddaughter from a satanic cult who have killed his daughter and plan on sacrificing his granddaughter in an attempt to summon Satan to earth.  Not too deep of a plot, but not really a problem.
  We first see Cage crossing a bridge out of hell, then killing 3 of the cultists telling them "Hell is already walking the earth" in a cheesy kind of way.   We then cut to a dinner when Amber Heard works and Cage notices her 69 Charger.  When it breaks down he fixes it and she offers him a ride.  When she arrives home she finds her boyfriend having sex with another girl and begins punching him.  He strikes her back so Cage beats the crap out of him.  The two leave together and set off to find Cages granddaughter.
  Meanwhile Satan's Accountant has place Cage "On the books" and is looking to take him back.  Cage encounter the cultists at every turn.  Disposing of a group of them at a bar, then following them to a church.  He is shot, as the Cult leader (A weak performance by Billy Burke) runs off with Amber Heard.  Luckily Cage is already dead so he gets back up and chases after them.  During the chase the Charger is totaled so Cage calls one of his old friends, who conveniently has 1971 Chevell SS, Cage hops in that and takes off for the final battle against the cult.
  There is really nothing more to say about this film.  Its very by the numbers when it comes to story, but that's how it was supposed to be.  This was made to look, and feel like an exploitation film from the 70's.  Low plot, high action, nothing more, nothing less.  If your into films like this you will have one hell of a time watching it.  If 70's drive in films are not your style I recommend you avoid. Check your brain at the door, no thought required.  I have seen it several times, and enjoy it every time I see it. 
  Say what you want about Nicholas Cage and his films choices as of late, but you cannot argue he is a great actor, and can chew scenery with the best of them.  Throw in the always creepy William Fitchner, as Satan's accountant sent to bring him back, some classic cars, loud explosions, nudity, and tons of action and you have yourself one hell of a popcorn film.
  Nothing is  too deep in this film, no plot twists, no surprises just in your face action, that never takes itself seriously.  There is even a scene where Cage kills 15 guys while having sex with a girl he pics up in a bar.  The 3D in the theater was fantastic, and its obvious watching the DVD that the entire film was shot with the 3D gimmick in mind, but that does not hurt when watching in on DVD.  Overall I had a great time with the film, and if it sells well on DVD there will be a part 2, which I would go and see as well.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars

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