Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reform School Girls

Plot Synopsis: Jenny is sent to a women's reform school. It is run by evil warden Sutter and her henchwoman Edna. Jenny will stop at nothing to escape but she also has to deal with Charlie the bully 

 There are two types of film lovers out there.  Ones who don't like to think when they watch a film, and ones who do.  The later would consist mostly of idiots.  If you want to think, read a book.  If you don't, watch Reform School Girls.  The best women in prison film ever made.

Reform School Girls is the story of Jenny, a girl who gets sentenced to Reform School for being involved in a shoot out when her boyfriend tries to rob a warehouse, or some type of building.  Not important.  See the robbery, shoot out, and court scene only takes about 2 minutes total, then off to Reform School.  Once there Jenny, and a few other new girls have to go and get washed down, as to make sure they don't have any body lice.  Full frontal nudity baby, and were only 4 minutes in.  See, thinking if for morons. 

We are then introduced to Edna, the fat, lesbian head of the ward who keeps the girls in line.  One of the new girls is named Lisa.  She's not all there, but hot, and carries around a stuffed bunny.  It belonged to her now dead brother.  See she got sent to reform school because she ran away from her foster parents, after they locked her and her little brother in a hot box, and her brother died.  I bet you didn't know you could get locked up for running away.  Shouldn't her foster parents have gotten sent to jail, and she could have went to a new family? Ohh well.  Edna doesn't let her keep her stuffed bunny, and eventually lights it on fire.

Around this time Jenny runs into Charlie, played by Plasmatics lead singer Wendy O Williams.  Here lies my only problem with this film.  Wendy has probably the nicest set of boobs this side of 80's Adrian Barbeau, but she looks 40.  Come to think of it she was 37 years old at the time of this film.  What the hell kind of crime did this bitch commit?  Most people get out of reform school when they turn 18, or worst case scenario 21.  Well Charlie, and her girls run the unit, and get special privileges from Edna.  That's mainly because Charlie sexually pleasures Edna.  Jenny, and Charlie don't get along so a cat fight ensues.  Lots of cat fights take place.  So do lots of shower scenes.

Jenny, and the new girls have to see the schools shrink, who trys to help them.  Jenny tells her of all the horrible things that are taking place.  Personally I think she should have kept her mouth shut. She could have just kept quiet, and gotten into more catfights in the shower. The girls have to go and do manual labor out in a field somewhere.  This makes no sense.  They just keep raking the same piece of dirt for hours.  But its cool, they get nice and hot in the sun, and have too cool off.  They find a cat, and Lisa names it after her dead brother, and sneaks it back to the dorm.  Too bad Edna finds it and stops it to death.  Also while they are working in the hot sun, getting nice an sweaty Jenny hits on the guy who drives them there.  He tells her to meet him in his truck after light out, and he will help her escape.  She goes to his truck, and they have, wait for it, 80's style sex.  Music, quick shots, and lots of boobs.  When he's done he tells the guard shes in the back, and she gets busted, then tortured by Edna.  Meanwhile Lisa cant take the death of her cat, and her stuffed animal for that matter and dives off the tower in the yard killing herself.

  Jenny can take no more, and decides to inform the shrink of everything going on, and agrees to testify in court against the reform school.  Shame Edna finds out and hoses her down until shes basically catatonic, and cant talk.  But don't worry just as the hearing against the warden starts Jenny breaks out and leads all the other girls in a full scale riot.  Edna tries to stop them with a shot gun, that must have come from another planet, as she fires 37 shots without ever reloading.  By this time Charlie has had her fill of Edna, steals a bus and runs it into the tower Edna is standing on and kills her.  We then see Jenny getting released while some fresh young things are going in.

Once again, I love this film.  I loved it when I was 12 because, I was 12, and it had boobies.  I have loved it ever sense.  Whats not to like? I mean this was fantastic.  I mean even the girls reform school outfits were slutty looking.  We got to see these girls shower so much, none of them were ever too dirty.  They fought, with plenty of hair tossing around.  And the soundtrack was mostly done by Williams, who I was always a fan of.  I showed it to my wife back when we were dating, and she even had a good time watching it.  Hell I watch it at least twice a year if not more.  You have to check it out.  Unless you want to think.  If that's the case watch Citizen Cane, just remember, that film has no boobies.

Overall 4out of 5 Stars.

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