Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 10 Best Action Films

I love action films.  They are probably my favorite type of film.  Unfortunately the good old USA doesn't make allot of good ones.  So you may notice a heavy Asian influence on this list.  And I will start off by saying, no one, no one, can do action like the great John Woo.

10.) Rapid Fire: Brando Lee proves hes better than his dad, yes I do really mean that, as he must defend himself from Mobsters, and crooked cops who are out to kill him

9.) The Crow: Brandon Lee again makes the list.  This time he plays a dead rock singer who comes back to avenge the murder of himself, and his girlfriend.  Fantastic dark comic book film, that sadly was Lee's last role.  He died during filming.

8.) The Killer: John Woo, the godfather of action films presents the tail of a hit man who is double crossed by his employers, and must team up with the cop who's after him.

7.) Death Race: The new Death Race, with my personal favorite tough guy, Jason Statham.  Not a remake, but a re-telling.  Statham is framed for the murder of his wife, and sent to a prison where they broadcast Death Race.  Which is exactly what it sounds like.  A race to the death, in cars equipped with weapons

6.) Hard Target: John Woos first American film, which stars Jean Claude Van Dam.  In this JCVD plays a Cajun, being hunter for sport by Lance Henrickson.  Out of this world Slow motion action scenes make this a must see.

5.) Rumble in the Bronx: The film that made Jackie Chan a house hold name in America.  Jackie comes to New York, which looks just like Canada in this film to help his uncle out in his grocery store.  Once there the store is terrorized by a biker gang.  Non stop action and stunt work.

4.) Transporter 2: Jason Statham does what Denzel Washington tried to do in Man on Fire, only better.  He must save a boy he has ben hired to drive to school, when the kid is injected with a deadly strain of virus.  Car chases, gun fights, amazing chase scene with a jet ski on a free way, and non stop martial arts action

3.) Drive: Not the new film with Ryan Gossling, no this stars Marc Decascos, Britney Murphy, and Dwayne Wane from a Different World.  Decascos stars as man with a chip inside him that can enhance his reflexes.  Hes on the run from hit men who want the chip.  This features the best martial arts fight scenes in film history.

2.) Face Off: John Woo returns with the best action film ever made in America.  John Travolta, and Nicholas Cage star as two men who trade faces. A revolutionary medical technique allows an undercover agent to take the physical appearance of a major criminal and infiltrate his organization.  Both actors get a chance to play the hero and villain.  This has some of the best choreographed action scenes in film history.

1.) Hard Boiled: John Woo does it again.  This time an undercover agent teams with a street tough cop to bring down a ruthless criminal organization.  This is every action fans wet dream.  Over 2 hours of gun fights, chases, explosions, you name it.  Sliding down stairs with firing two guns is amazing to watch here.  The ending features a 20 minute plus shoot out at a morgue, that must be scene to be believed.

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  1. Great list... definitely a little WOO heavy, but he is an action director extraordinaire.