Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 10 Best Kids Films

Starting today, through next Sunday it will be Top 10 Week here at Big Kahuna Movie Reviews.  As many readers know I have a two and a half year old son.  Because of this I watch a lot of kids movies.  It's cool though because most of them are fantastic.  Hell, theres a few that really tug at the heart strings.  I had to fight back the tears in a few of them.  So here I present the top 10 Best Children's films

10.) Lady And The Tramp:  Every one knows this story.  Rich Cocker Spaniel meets a stray mutt, and they fall in love.  Its as good today at age 37, as it was when I was 5.  It's a fantastic film.  But the words Disney, and Fantastic go hand in hand.

9.) Up: Ok, the 1st 20minutes of this film is incredibly depressing.  But once you get past that its a very funny and heartwarming film about an old man named Carl who rigs his house with balloons so he can float off to Paradise Falls.  Unfortunately for Carl a little boy named Russel who's trying to get a Scout Badge.  Together they encounter Bad Guys, Talking dogs, and a giant Skype named Kevin.

8.) Toy Story: When Andy is not around his toys come to life.  Tom Hanks is Sheriff Woody, and he becomes very jealous when Andy's new toy Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen comes to live with them.

7.) Monsters Inc.: Billy Crystal and John Goodman provide the voices for Mike and Sully.  Sully is the top scarer for the Monsters Inc. Company.  A company that uses children's screams to power their world.  When Sully accidental brings back a little 2 year old girl named "Boo" back to their world he soon learns that scaring kids is not a good thing.

6.) Toy Story 2: This is a great film, especially if your a toy collector such as myself.  Woody get stolen by Big Al from Big Al's Toy Barn and is going to be sold to a museum in Japan.  Its up to Buzz and the rest of the toys to save him.

5.) Monster House: This is an awesome cartoon about a house that is haunted by the ghost of the owners dead wife.  Anyone who gets close to the house gets eaten.  As Halloween is coming up, and there will be Trick or Treaters everywhere.  DJ, Chowder, and Jenny, three kids from the neighborhood, team up to stop the house.  This has fantastic voice work by Jason Lee, Steve Busemme, Kevin James, and Kathleen Turner.

4.) How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup is a young Viking, who is absolutely horrible at everything.  His village is raided by dragons on a daily basis, and one night he manages to capture a Dragon Fury who he names Toothless.  He let's it go, and the two become friends.  This is just a beautiful cartoon.  I must admit it is very touching, and almost brought my wife to tears twice.  I didn't cry but I did get choked up.

3.) Toy Story 3:  Andy is all grown up, and going to college.  So when Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys feel like they are no longer wanted they end up at Sunny Side Daycare.  Problem is the daycare is run by Lotso Hug 'N' Bear, who is as evil as they come.  Woody, must save Buzz and the rest of the gang, great escape style.  This is actually the first animated film my son watched.  He loves it.  He has Toy Story toys, clothes, stuffed animals, pajamas, plates, cups, chairs, you name it.  This film had me fighting back the tears towards the end.  My wife couldn't fight them back.  She cried.

2.) Despicable Me: Gru wants to steal the world and be the worlds greatest Super Villain.  So with the help of his Minions, which are weird hot dog shaped yellow things that speak gibberish, he adopts 3 little girls to help him achieve this.  Only thing standing in his way is another new villain named Vector.  This is probably the funniest animated film I have ever seen.  I laugh my ass off every time I watch it.  Nothing really here to tug the heart strings, just a great animated comedy for kids, and adults

1.) The Iron Giant: This is without a doubt, in my opinion the best children's cartoon ever made.  Its set during the cold war and centers around a little boy named Hogarth Hughes.  He finds a giant alien robot voiced by Vin Diesel, and decides to befriend him.  He keeps the giant hidden, as the government is looking for it to destroy, as they believe its a weapon.  The boy and the robot become friends, but eventually the government finds them both.  I wont lie.  I could not hold the tears back during this one.  No one can.  I am getting choked up thinking about the end of the film.  I wont give it away though.  Just buy it.  It's like 10.00 at Amazon.

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  1. Wow great picks Cory. I think I agree with just about all of them.

    My daughter recently got hooked on How To Train Your Dragon and wanted to watch it every day haha. Back when I was living in Canada I took my niece to the first Toy Story movie in the theater as she really wanted to see it. I totally loved it myself and I have always had a bit of soft spot for that series.