Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fright Night

 Plot Synopsis: When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him

Back in 1985 I got to see the greatest Vampire movie ever made.  Fright Night.  I stayed away from the remake, as there is no way this film could be duplicated, let alone topped.  It has, in my opinion one of the cleverest story's in film.
  William Raggsdale stars as Charlie Brewster.  Typical high school kid, with a cool best friend, and a hot girlfriend.  Actually I'm lying.  His best Friend is "Evil" Ed, played by Stephen Gefforys, who shortly after making this went on to star in gay porn.  His girlfriend Amy is played by Amanda Bearse, A.K.A Marcy Darcy from Married With Children fame.  Let's see, weird only friend, chicken legged girlfriend.  Maybe he should let the vampire kill him.  Sorry Getting ahead of myself.
  See one night Charlie witness his new neighbor moving in, and sees him carrying a coffin.  Shortly there after murders start happening around town.  One night Charlie sees a call girl going to his neighbors house, and decides to watch then through his window.  He sees his neighbor, Jerry Dandridge, bite the girl then closes the curtains when he notices peeping tom Charlie watching.  The next day Charlie sees the girls picture on the news, and learns they found her body by the train tracks. 
  He reports this to the police, but when he tells them that he believes Jerry is a vampire they think he's crazy and blow him off.  He goes home to find his slut mom has invited Jerry into their house.  She's such a desperate whore she tells him to come over whenever he wants.  So that night when Charlie is in his room Jerry comes in and tells Charlie to forget about him, and he will leave him and his mom alone.  Charlie, instead of taking the deal (I would have) waves a cross in Jerry face.  Turns out that only works if you have faith, so Jerry starts choking Charlie, until he grabs a pencil and shoves it in Jerry;s hand.  Charlies mom wakes up, and Jerry leaves.  I never figured out why.  Probably because he wasn't in the mood for the old whore to start coming on to him.
  Charlie realizes he needs help, and as the cops don't believe him he gets the best guy for the job.  Peter Vincent, The great Vampire Killer!  Well he's not really a vampire killer.  He's a former horror film actor who now hosts a creature feature show. I have to say this is an amazing idea.  Creature Feature style shows were kind of on there way out at this time, but still, how coll is it to get a horror movie host to help you battle a vampire.  Personnaly I would have gotten Elvira, as she is way more attractive than Roddy Mcdowel. Ed, and Amy pay Peter to go and do a few fake vampire tests on Jerry, so Charlie will realise it's all in his head.  Things are going fine until Peter grabs his cigarette case and notices Jerry has no reflection in the mirror.  Jerry realizes Peter has seen this, and decides to take care of him. Which really does prove, smoking will kill you.  Also when he sees Amy, he shows her a painting of a woman from a hundred years ago who looks exactly like her.  Turns out that was his girlfriend back in the day.  He doesn't tell her this of course, as that would make him look nuts too.  Not so much for saying he's 100 years old, but for admitting he dated someone who looked like her.
  So when everyone leaves, Jerry grabs Ed in a alley way, because you know everyone has to split up in a horror film, and turns him into a vampire.  He send him to kill Peter, and in a pretty cool scene, Ed morphs into a wolf, and attacks Peter in his apartment.  Peter is able to grab a broken piece of table and stab Ed.  Meanwhile across town Charlie and Amy try to hid in a 80's dance club, but Jerry glamors Amy, dances with her, then tells Charlie if he wants her to get Peter and come get her.
  So Charlie gets Peter, and they go to Jerry's house.  Jerry has a handyman who lives with him, who turns out to be a zombie of some sort.  It's never explained.  They have a long final battle inside the house, that of course ends with Charlie, and Peter defeating Jerry, and saving Amy.
  The film ends with Charlie watching Peter Vincents show, and getting ready to have sex with Amy, kind of homo erotic when you read that out loud, when you see a pair of glowing red eyes in Jerry's house and hear Ed's voice.
  Ed was supposed to be the focal point of the sequel, but they decided to have Jerry's sister come in for that film.  It was ok, but not as good as this.
  Fright Night is my favorite vampire film.  Everything about it is fantastic, as you should be able to tell by reading this.  I mean come on, I don't make many jokes during this review.  The final 20 minutes that take place in the house are full of fantastic make up effects.  This film manages to blend horror and humor perfectly.  You can pick this up fairly cheap on DVD, and a Blue Ray is slated to be released in the near future.  Check this out

4 out of 5 Stars!

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