Sunday, October 23, 2011

Human Centipede 2

Plot Synopsis: Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy

  First off let me say sorry for the lack of updates.  I pride myself on doing one review daily, but my 2 year old son was sick, and he comes before anything.  Well he started feeling better yesterday so that gave my wife and I a change to sit down and watch Human Centipede 2

  Ok I have to say Human Centipede was a great film.  I covered it a week or so back.  But all things considered it was rather tame.  Tom Six, the Director promised part 2 would make part one look like "My Little Pony".  He had to cut out 18 scenes to even get the film considered for release.  It was banned outright in the UK.  So my wife and I were very curious to see it.

  Human Centipede 2 centers around a God ugly fat, and ugly asthmatic man named Martin who works security, or something like that in an underground parking garage.  He sits around all day watching Human Centipede and writing notes on how to make his own centipede.  Every time he notices someone in the garage he cracks them in the head with a crowbar, duck tapes them and takes them to an abandoned building.  This is actually the only problem I have with the film.  Why was no one ever reported missing, and the last place they were seen was this garage?  I mean he was grabbing people left and right.  Also doesn't anyone there watch security tapes?  He's in plain view of all these cameras.  Oh well.

  When he's not busy watching his Human Centipede DVD, or capturing people he sits at home without his shirt on, which is way nastier than anything else in this films, and gets yelled at by his mom.  he also hears his dead, or just plan gone dad's voice.  But its ok, he has a pet centipede.  See he's so obsessed with the movie, he plans on making his own.  But as he has so much free time on his hands, he wants to link 12 people together.  So throughout the first hour he manages to capture 12 people, and just flat out kill 4 more, his mom included.  That's not a bad thing.  She was a real bitch.  The one highlight from this, is that he convinces Ashlynn Yennie from Human Centipede 1 that she can come to the UK to audition for the new Quinton Tarentino film.  When she gets there he takes here captive as well.

  Well like in the first film, he has to connect everyone ass to mouth, and remove there knee caps, so they can crawl like a real centipede.  Problem is, he's no surgeon, just some nut bad, with a scalpel, staple gun, and duck tape.  So for the next 25 minutes you see him remove nee caps, cut out tongues, staple people ass to mouth, and then if that's not enough he has to feed them.  He does that by shoving a feeding tube down the first girls mouth and filling her with soup, and then some ex lax for good measure.  He wants everyone to poop (Remember I think poop sounds funnier than shit) so bad he gives them all ex lax, and even rubs there tummy's.  I think you can see where this is going.  I don't want to say anymore, because I don't want to give away the ending.  But I will say, you get to see a woman deliver a baby, a centipede in the ass, toungs cut out, and bullets in the head.

  A few thing I must say.  Laurence Harvey did a fantastic job as Martin.  He never speaks.  He simply coughs, grunts, and takes his asthma inhaler.  He cries a few times, but never utters a word.  And he is creepy, and greasy as all hell.  The concept is fantastic, thinking a real nut case could be inspired by a film like Human Centipede and even try to copy it.  The film is entirely shot in black and white.  Which gives it a creepy, yet acid trippy Eraserhead feel.  And yes, it is 10 times more disgusting than part 1.  Does it live up to all the hype?  Of course not, theres no way it could have.  I recommend checking it out.  It's currently playing on In Demand.  I will be waiting for the uncut version, as I have read about some of the things they cut out, and I am curious how may gore shots were cut down.  All in all though a good film, that I highly recommend.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars!

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