Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last House on a Dead End Street

Plot Synopsis: After being released from prison, a young gangster with a chip on his shoulder decides to punish society by making snuff films 

 You know, I've seen Last House on a Dead End Street quite a few times in my life.  Ive always wondered if it was the most artistic horror film ever made, and just a cheap, vile piece of filth.  I watched it again today, and really studied it.  I came to the conclusion that it's somewhere right in the middle.

  House is about a lowlife named Terry who is fresh out of prison.  He talks about giving away so much of his life.  In all actuality he was sentenced to one year.  He decides he's going to make movies.  Different, dangerous films.  Harder than porn.  To do this though he needs a crew.  he gets his old pal Ken who works at a slaughterhouse.  During this narration you see a cow getting killed.  See Ken spent some time in the crazy house for having sex with a cat.  You don't see this, although it would have probably been more entertaining.  See lots of this film is done in narrative form.  Something I am not that big on.  Anyway he also goes and gets a couple of whores, well junkies actually and a guy named Bill to be his camera man.  They learn about a porn producer who films weird sex stuff for rich people, and go to check it out.

  The party is actually a girl in a gimp mask getting whipped by a hunchback.  Not very sexy, at least not in my eyes.  So this porn producer hooks up with Terry, who tells him they are going to do something real different and dangerous.  See Terry wants to make snuff films.  You know real people being really killed.  But they do them in a weird way.  They have a guy tied up, two girls make out with him, then Terry puts on a giant Zeus looking mask and choked the guy to death.  We then find him banging on of the girls and telling her it looked real because it was.

  Our producer shows up on set only to get tied up while Terry, wearing his giant mask has a girl tied but.  She gets branded, then killed.  Well now our producer knows this is real, so rather than kill him Terry forces him to direct another film..  He runs off so they kill him.  Then all at once we see a girl tied up on a table.  She gets her face sliced up, leg sawed off, and her intestine ripped out with pliers.

In another weird scene a girl unzips her jeans to reveal a horse hoof or something sticking out of her pants, and a guy is forced to blow it.  He then gets taken out with a power drill.  Then suddenly you hear narration saying that Terry and his group were apprehended and taken to the state pen.

Wow, sounds weird right?  It is.  It is low budget beyond belief.  Like imagine if you and 5 guys went to an abandoned building with a super 8 camera and made a film.  That's what this looks like.  It is nasty.  Bloody killings, and tons of nudity add to the sleaze factor.  Also the other thing it has going for it is the legend factor.  See this is one of the most sought after horror films ever.  It was long thought lost and only very crappy VHS copies were floating around.  Barrel Entertainment did a fantastic job of putting out a 2 disc DVD set a few years back, with interviews, tons of extras, and even a booklet.  Problem is that's long out of print now as well.  This film, sells for over $100.00.  Should you buy it?  I cant in good faith recommend spending more than 20.00 for it.  Its cool, and sleazy, but artsy and cheap.  A very weird blend.

Overall 2 out of 5 Stars!

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